San Diego. Author/Writer. Universalist. Japanese Immigrant. Peace Maker. Life-time Student. Practicing Buddhist. Children’s dentist. Believer and Activist of Love, Hope, Courage & Potentials.

Santa Ysabel, California

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My name is Kyomi O’Connor. You may be thinking, What a unique name! Yes, it’s a combination…

you are my first and the last roommate

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

Patrick —
you’re the first
and the last
roommate I had
in my life

It took our past lives

That day
through the window
you’d tossed a message
before we met

Later you confessed
you’d known me
in your dream
long before
I entered
your life

Then the door opened

By the end of this year, almost half of Americans will have completed the genetic test.

Photo on Shutterstock

Have you taken a genetic test yet?

Due to Ancestry®, 23andMe®, MyHeritageTM, and other brands, direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing has wildly become popular in the last few years. The test user number in the States has grown from below 10 million in 2017 to over 55 million in 2020. This…

I felt like I’d come out of the cave and was standing on the sand overlooking the light on the ocean’s calm tides.

Photo by the Author, The Pacific Ocean

March 11 of this year marked the tenth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake that devastated Japan’s northeast region. It wasn’t just the earthquake but the subsequent tsunamis that took 20,000 lives; today, over two thousand people remain missing. Cleaning up one of the tsunami’s aftermath, the nuclear core…

Photo by Shutterstock

The COVID pandemic is one of the worst catastrophes in human history. To date, in the United States alone, over 0.64 million people have lost their lives. Over thirty-nine million people have been reported being COVID-positive. Now the vaccine has been available but still, the situations are not easy to…

In my sincere prayers

Photo by TOMO on Shutterstock

comes out of
nowhere above my neck
but here from my feet, the trunk,
and the heart where all the pains and
the bloodshed have found the final places,
turning to radiate the warmth from within

I think of you, wherever you’re in this globe,
differences have no…

Fundamental and essential learning in our community

Left: Equality, Right: Equity Illustrated by Angus Maguire from Interaction Institute for Social Change

Equity and equality.

Do you know the difference between these terms? I’d been using both of them for a while. But to be honest, until recently, when I attended a class that addressed the issues of health disparities, I hadn’t fully understood them before. Anyone who believes in humanity should…

May all rest in peace and love

Photo by Zero Take on Unsplash

The Louvre

Perpetual nattering and laughter
of men in Madame Pompadour
and women in Marie Antoinette,
Masquerades of the French monarch,
heavily sloshed spun around in a waltz
on the floor of the Louvre Palace.

Large blossoms of robes a la Francaise
in coral, canary, crimson, and Carolina,
Rococo Medieval suits with…

Kyomi O'Connor

Universalist, Lifetime student, Friend, Japanese immigrant, DMD, Ph.D., Please join me at or @kyomioconnor on Twitter, FB, and LinkedIn

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